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Restaurant Schiffergesellschaft

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Seven spires perched on five churches, entrance gates on the access roads, one of which leaning at an impressive angle, and a house in which seafaring was shaped like in no other place. At the time the Seafarer's Guild was founded around 1401, Lübeck was the second largest city in the German Empire and the Queen of the Hanseatic League. The history of this place has lost none of its importance over the centuries, thanks to the foresighted and skillful actions of the Brotherhood of Captains, the owners of the Seafarer's Guild. The Seafarer's Guild building has been open to the public as a restaurant for almost 150 years. Tenants run this restaurant in harmony with the heritage of the centuries. Here, there is a simple rule: Everything older than the tenants themselves is not touched, but lovingly protected.

Guests who would like to taste of the historical flair can sit on long benches. Seafarers and their families dined there, crews celebrated their return from long journeys and businessmen made plans and negotiated while they ate dinner. Sitting in the great hall means becoming a part of history. Of course, it can also be more comfortable: in the hanseatic Lübeck room. Or fresher: On the sun deck, also known as the garden. The food is not quite so historic. There is no more meat from the brine and no need to scratch the soot off the potatoes. Today, the restaurant Seafarer's Guild is equipped with a modern kitchen, in which traditional and much of the young cuisine is prepared. One can eat a burger with a patty from dry-aged beef or order a lobster. A special highlight is the steak from the Southbend Grill. You have to try it for yourself - it's really hard to describe. The good old classics, such as Labskaus, are of course still around. In the Seafarer's Guild restaurant, the idea of honouring tradition by carefully combining it with new ideas is lived by. Here, tradition should be alive in the present. Everything else is the striving to be a little better every day, so that in 100 years the present will have become a part of history that can be looked back on with pride.

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Room capacities:
Historical hall: 170 people
Captain's Salon: 65 people
Hanse room: 65 people
Lübeck-Room: 30 persons
Captain's Room: 25 people
God's cellar: 35 persons
Garden: 120 people

If you like it in the Seafarer's Guild, consider yourself a host, too, and spoil your guests with the flair of many centuries. Also any events outside our premises can be arranged with us.


Old town Lübeck: 0 km
Muk: 0. 5 km
Bus stop: 0. 05 km
Main train station Lübeck: 1. 5 km
Motorway A1: 3. 5 km
Airport Lübeck: 9 km
Airport Hamburg: 66 km


Restaurant Schiffergesellschaft
Breite Straße 2
23552 Luebeck, Germany
Contact person: Mr. Frank Höhne
Phone: +49(0) 4 51/767 76

Hours of operation
Restaurant: daily 10am to 1pm
Cuisine: daily 11.30am to 11pm
God's cellar: Tuesday to Saturday 5pm to 1am

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