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Within sight of the world-famous seven church towers of Lübeck, a new beacon of the Hanseatic city - the Kulturwerft Gollan - may soon emerge.

Born out of the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of Thilo Gollan, an entrepreneur  Ostholstein, and his wife Katrin the Kulturwerft Gollan grows from a 53,000 sqm historical industrial complex and shipyard site in Lübeck harbour. Piece by piece, hall by hall, exclusively privately financed.The red brick halls, built between 1870 and 1920, form one of the oldest industrial areas in Schleswig-Holstein. The halls on the former Batra site on the Trave river have been extended to an area of 17,000 square metres by various extensions and conversions. Before the takeover by Thilo Gollan in 2014, the industrial complex lay idle for 20 years. Gollan is the operator of a large recycling, construction and real estate company of the same name in the port of Lübeck, among other places. In accordance with his entrepreneurial credo "The future needs creative visions", he discovered the morbid charm of industrial architecture and decided that the halls offer great potential for events. From 2014, the idea of creating a cultural place for the entire region from the entire complex matured.Thilo Gollan: "I would like to create a beacon project for our North with my shipyard. “

Hall floor plans


Old town: 1. 5 km
MuK: 1k m
Bus stop in front of the door
Main train station Lübeck: 1. 9 km
Motorway A1: 1. 8 km
Airport Lübeck: 9. 5 km
Airport Hamburg: 65 km
Sufficient parking spaces available


Kulturwerft Gollan
Einsiedelstrasse 6
23554 Luebeck, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 4561/398 860
Fax: +49 (0) 4561/398 885


Contact: Insa Ritterhoff-Bruhn

Tel.: +49 (0) 451/37130040 
Mobile: +49 (175) 8249351
E-Mail: i.ritterhoff-bruhn@kulturwerft-gollan.de

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