Travemuende_leaving_ship1. Luebeck_Tavemuende_Vorderreihe_Katja_Schulenburg2._Luebeck_Travemuende_four-masted_barque_Passat_in_Travemuende_Photo_by_LTMTravemuende_PassatTravemuende_beach_chairs_Bernd_SchmidtDSC_03324._fisher's_harbour_Loeschke_und_Schoene_LIQUID_Potography_9Travemuende_water-gaugePriwall_in_winter © Bernd_Schmidt5._Luebeck_Travemuende_Brodtener_steep_bank © Bernd_Schmidt

Large vessels, fine sandy beaches and fresh sea breezes - that is the seaside resort Travemünde.

Only a stone's throw away from Lübeck's old town, Lübeck's most beautiful daughter invites you to a wonderful walk on the beach and sailing fun. Here you can enjoy the day with a fresh Baltic Sea breeze, admire the incoming and outgoing ships, relax in a beach chair and be enchanted by the picturesque scenery. Take a leisurely stroll along the Vorderreihe and enjoy a delicious fish sandwich in the fishing harbour. In the seaside resort museum you can experience the glamorous history of Travemünde as the third oldest seaside resort in Germany. The Old Bailiwick and the historical lighthouse remind us of Travemünde's beginnings as a small fishing town, which was founded 825 years ago as a fortress at the mouth of the Trave river.


Stagnation means regression. This applies to our own life as well as to the development of our seaside resort. Travemünde is very special, Germany's third oldest seaside resort, Lübeck's most beautiful daughter, an urban Baltic spa with tradition, large vessels, the four-masted barque Passat. Home port for almost 14,000 people, favourite holiday destination for more than 200,000 guests annually. Our seaside resort will change in the next two years. From 2018 you can choose one of the more than 1,500 new beds on Priwall - sleep with a clear view of the sea. And because conferences and congresses simply run better in a special atmosphere, a modern conference centre is being built here. Mind-Trigger guaranteed!


We make our seaside resort beautiful for you. And you are right in the middle of it - join us on our journey.
We are your favourite place. Your Travemünde.


You can download our clear flyer on all construction projects HERE.

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