Deutsche Bahn Event Ticket

train_tracks © shutterstock
train_tracks © shutterstock

It won't get any greener: Use sustainable transport and relax while you travel  to your event in Luebeck, from 99 Euro by train throughout Germany.

lübecKongress e. V. and Deutsche Bahn offer an exclusive ticket for convenient travel to and from events at all lübecKongress member venues in Lübeck and Travemünde at a reduced fixed fare.

The City Ticket is included in the event ticket for a travel distance of more than 100 km. This means that you can use public transport in more than 120 cities at both the departure and the destination (Lübeck = core zone 6000).

The price for your event ticket ONEWAY is:

For use only on one specific connection
(subject to availability):

2nd class 49,50 Euro
1st class  80,90 Euro

For use on all connections
(always available):

2nd class 67,50 Euro
1st class 98,90 Euro

Seat reservation is included in the event ticket for 1st class. The ticket price for international connections is available on request. The offer is valid for all events in member companies of lübecKongress e. V. until 10.12.2022.


For online bookings you will receive an overview of all train offers on your desired route including budget prices, so that you are guaranteed to be able to choose the cheapest ticket.

Click the Deutsche Bahn-Logo below to book your offer online or book your trip by. Please have a credit card ready for payment.

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If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the lübecKongress office on 0451 / 40 91 932.

BahnCard, BahnCard Business- or bahn. bonus Card holders receive bahn. bonus points on the event ticket. Further information are available at