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Lübeck Air

It couldn't be more convenient: fly quickly and easily to meetings and conventions in Lübeck with the Lübeck Air event ticket from Munich, Stuttgart or Salzburg - with a 10% lübecKongress discount.

Lübeck Air in cooperation with lübecKongress e.V. offers an exclusive discount of 10% for the comfortable arrival and departure to Lübeck and Travemünde for business events of all lübecKongress member houses.

Lübeck Airport is only a few kilometers away from the Holsten Gate, has its own Deutsche Bahn stop and is ideally connected to the public transport system. Furthermore, the airport travel agency offers a transfer service, as well as the uncomplicated booking of a rental car for pick-up at the airport. You can find more information and prices at flydrive24.com.

In an ATR72-500 with high-quality equipment and only 60 seats, we take you directly from Munich, Stuttgart or Salzburg to your conference directly in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. With Lübeck Air you fly in particularly economical aircrafts, there is no plastic tableware on board and the meals are made in-house with regional ingredients. Furthermore, Lübeck Air supports the research and development of alternative fuels.

The prices of Lübeck Air already include on-board catering and one checked baggage item in each category. The following booking classes are available:

Silber Fly smart from 100,- €

Gold Fly flex from 140,- €

Diamant Fly high from 395,- €

The Lübeck Air event ticket can be booked exclusively at tickets(at)luebeck-air.de or by phone at 0451/3171 9000. The subsequent granting of the discount for online bookings already made is not possible. The offer is valid for all business events in luebecKongress e.V. member houses until 31.12.2022. Current flight times and prices can be found on www.luebeck-air.de. All participating lübecKongress houses can be found here on the website.

For further information and enquiries, please feel free to contact the Lübeck Air-Service at 0451/3171 9000 or the lübecKongress office at 0451/4091932.

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lübecKongress e.V. and Lübeck Air wish you a relaxed journey!

Lübeck Air Event Ticket